XPE comes out of eXPErience

In 1999 it was time to go from idea to reality and begin a new journey.

Many have asked me over the years if there was a clear idea or even a business for this company. We are thinking still svartet to that question, one thing is certain - your gut feeling was right.

By first creating a consulting company and then be able to use the resources, providers and networks to bring about or own, acquire, launch new company, engaged in or as suppliers to the entertainment industry.

The word "experience" has always fascinated, until two versions of the Swedish translation describes combined our operations. The name XPE, came after a comment from a legendary publisher of the Swedish meetings industry, "do you work in an industry as the course name to reflect it - call it XPE instead". Then it started and it was once ...

Thanks for reading this far! Best regards ME